Formerly known as Phat Pimp Clothing Co.

Sexy Pimp Clothing is an independently underground t-shirt company.  Formerly known as Phat Pimp Clothing Co. , proudly acclaimed as the FIRST ORIGINAL Mail-Order T-shirt Company on the Web. We’ve respected the Tee Game since DAY ONE. In fact, the very first site is still up HERE. With over 10,000 shirts shipped World-Wide, the SexyPimp Brand holds steady and NEVER SELLS-OUT to The Man.

If you’re a baller this place is a must.  Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, But it is for Us.

This is How We do!

We find the Most Fresh and Dopest t-shirts you won’t get from your Mom.  These tees won’t be at that Wack T-shirt Kiosk at the Local Shopping Mall.   If you see our tee-design there, take a pic and send it to us.  We will send you a FREE TEE, No Joke

We guarantee the most Illest fresh tee shirts, Believe-maay.  Sexy Pimp Clothing is sharp & Done my way.  YesYesYall, Everyday is black Fridaay.

Certified Pimpalicious

We have most of these pimpalicious items in stock for immediate shipment. We do our best with shipping on the Daily. We’re not, Keep that in mind B. But if we go out partying the night before, you may get a shipment a day or two later.

Pimpin Aint Easy, But It Is for Us. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. Hit us up on the Cellie and Leave a Voicemail
Sexy Pimp Clothing 612-208-PIMP


The PimpStrong Movement

WE BELIEVE in the PimpStrong Movement and pledge allegiance to the rules of the block.  We are united by one neighborhood under groove, striving to be invincible with luxuries and riches for all.  WE CHOOSE to make a statement about ourselves, our lifestyle and our country.

WE COMMIT ourselves – one person, one voice, one hand – to always Live Large and Pimp Strong!  Find out more at



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