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BMF® Brand Wallet Special Edition Daym Drops Collaboration

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Team Daym BMF Wallets
Team Daym BMF Wallets

We Support YouTube Sensation & Food Critic Daym Drops – He's escalated to BOSS STATUS with over 14Million views for “Oh My Dayum” FiveGuys Review & Many Jimmy-Fallon-Show Food Review guest appearances.  He's SIMPLY THE BEST YOUTUBE PERSONALITY doing his ONE-TWO Thing!  Like His FAM Page on FaceBook.  Retweet and Follow his greatness on Twitter: @DaymDrops AND Hit 'em up on his Main-Page:

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Product Description

Daym Drops & SexyPimp Collab in December 2012. Daym Drops 5-Gift Certificates to his Loyal YouTube subscribers. This Clip is before Big-Daym was Insta-famous with his FoodReviews on The Jimmy-Fallon-Show. In our letter, we told him to “KEEP DOING BIG THANGS” and He is doing that. Congrats Daym Drops for all the success and much more to come!!  For that we pay tribute with this Suuuuper Official Collab dedication!

BadMofo Limited Edition Wallet: Skip to Minute Mark 2:05

IF YOU  MADE IT ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE:  We Know You Watched the YouTube Video and will Spread the WORD of this SEXYPIMP COLLABORATION with DaymDrops!  So This WALLET is Discounted Only In This Secret “Brand-Collab” Section.  $29.95 instead of $37.95.  What are ya Waitin’ for? ADD TO CART, BOSS PLAYA!!


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