Booty Sweat Can
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Booty Sweat Full Collectible Single Can

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Booty Sweat Full Collectible Single Can

Product Description

SOLD OUT ON AMAZON, which means these are the last cans on the PLANET!!

Booty Sweat Full Collectible Single Can. Booty Sweat Full Collectible Can. Pop An Azzz Open!
“Booty Sweat” energy drink from the movie Tropic Thunder.
For collectible purposes only! Not available for international shipping.

The name “booty sweat” and its use in Tropical Thunder is a reference to the 1994 movie “Fear of a Black Hat”, where one of the rappers had a hit single called “booty juice”, which itself was making fun of all the bizarre side projects in other industries that have been launched by successful musicians. So this drink is a marketing campaign for a spoof of a spoof of a marketing campaign. You need to be drinking this energy drink just to have the energy to fully appreciate it !


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