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Sexy Pimp Clothing Hours

Sexy Pimp Clothing is Sexiness Dipped In Butta.  Formerly known as Phat Pimp Clothing Co., We have been Independently Underground since the Break of Dawn.

Reasons to Hit Us Up:

  • Offer suggestions on what Pimpalicous Products we NEED to SELL.
  • Have a YouTube clip to Review & Comment on for the Word on the Streets Bloggasphere.
  • Have Customer Papparazzi Pics to submit.
  • Am an Aspiring Model that would LOVE to be featured our Exclusive VIP Champagne Room.  Instagram/Twitter Pic Self-Shots accepted @SexyPimp with #SEXYPIMPGIRLHOPEFULS.
  • Hit us up for ORDER STATUS.  Or leave a message on the cellie: 612-208-PIMP.  We’ll get back at you about inquires ASAP or when we wake-up at Noon after poppin’ bottles in the club the night before.

Reasons NOT to Hit us up:

  • Girl Problems.  In this case, We feel bad for you son.  We got 99Problems but a B*tch Ain’t One.
  • Because It’s the first of the month.
  • To ask us to go on The Maury Povich Show to find out who the baby-daddy is.
  • Need a sponsor for “FREE Swag” for your Water-Polo fundraising event.
  • Looking to Snitch.

 [box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Please allow 3-5 days for USA shipping. The warehouse folks are reliable 60% of the time. 100% of the time SexyPimp products are in stock for immediate shipping. International Orders via USPS can take 7-14 days. Peace.[/box]

If you read above and still wanna hit us up, fill out the form below.  We don’t use this info in a bad way….Trust us, Ain’t nobody got time to SPAM people.


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